How to Install Laminate

How to Install Laminate

1. Place the coutertops on the cabinets without joining them. Push them against the wall, keeping the front of the coutertops parallel to the front of the cabinets.

2. Make sure that the coutertop is level.  If necessary, adjust it with wood shims.

3. Make sure that there is clearance to open the cabinet doors.If your countertop needs to be raised to allow clearance,

fix 5/8″ blocks under the coutertop at the points where it sits on the cabinet frame (B).

4. If your wall is not straight, open a compass at the point where there is the largest gap between the countertop and the wall. Keeping the point always touching the wall, trace a line along the countertop.

5. Remove the excess with a belt sander or plane.


6. Fix 3/4″ brackets to the cabinet with 1/2″ screws. It is preferable to fix the brackets before placing the countertop on the cabinet. In cases where there is already a horizontal strip of wood on the cabinet at the front and the back, you do not need brackets. Be sure to use the correct length of screw (wood strip thickness plus 1/2″).

7. A- After having carefully aligned the two countertop pieces, push them together to form a smooth joint. Be sure to verify the alignment at the front and the back.

B- From inside the cabinet , install the mitre bolts in the order shown below. Tighten only slightly at this point.

C- With a hammer and piece of wood on top of the countertop, tap lightly to obtain a perfectly smooth joint.

D- Tighten the mitre bolts as tightly as possible.

E- Fix the countertop to the cabinets. Attention : use the correct screw lenght (1/2″ with brackets).


8. A- Trace the outline of the sink at the desired spot.

B- Trace the cutting line 1/2″ inside the outline.

C- Drill a hole inside inside that cutting line large enough to insert the blade of the jig-saw.

D- Cut along the cutting line, using a blade with fine teeth or reverse blade. Attention : make your corners slightly rounded.

9. In order to prevent water infiltration, apply a small quantity of transparent latex silicone on the joints and completely wipe off the excess. Apply an opaque silicone, white or a colour of your choice, to the joints where the backsplash meets the wall.